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There are two types of Quantum Hypnosis Techniques that I offer. Both of them are equally good and deep dive into the Subconscious mind to receive the answers and Healing that the client requires. You may choose which one of these techniques you want to experience.

One is the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a style of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon,  after 45 years of extensive research. This technique allows the practitioner, to guide the client, not just into their past lives, but also allows them to contact their Higher Selves or their Super Consciousness. The second is the Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a technique developed by Candace Craw-Goldman, that allows the practitioner to guide the client to get answers to all their problems and it also allows for instantaneous healing where required.

​- Answers all kinds of questions related to your life and provides solutions.

- Contacting your Super Consciousness gives you healing for your emotional and physical problems.

- Shifts the energy within you, allowing you to become consciously more aware of who you truly are.

- Helps you realize you are always being guided and loved unconditionally.

- Find out what the purpose of your life is, and how you can make it better.

The session is broken into 3 parts:

1. Pre-talk - (1 to 2 hrs) 

The client can use this time to open up about the issues that are bothering them, vent, or talk about what is on their mind the most. There is no judgment here in this space and everything said is strictly confidential. Sometimes answers to some of the questions can be found by simply voicing one's feelings. We then go through the questions to see if we would like to add a few more or remove a few. 

2. Hypnosis - (2  - 2.5 hrs) 

The client is taken into a state of deep relaxation through a very simple visualization technique. It is so simple that anyone can go into this state easily. Once the client is deeply relaxed, they would then follow my voice instructing them to relax even further.

a) The client first starts to see another lifetime that has vital and valuable information. This information can see seen as images, sounds, feelings, touch, taste, or just knowing something. This allows the client to go deeper from the Alpha brainwave state to the Theta brainwave state.

b) I then take the client into the Theta state where they can access their super consciousness. This is nothing but the client's own higher self, their spirit guides, and angelic beings of Light who are present to help the client in whichever way possible. This is the state where the client's questions are answered and, any physical/emotional healing that is required, done.

c) Once the client receives all the answers to their questions and any healing that they require, I then gently bring them out from this deep trance state and allow them to orient themselves back into this reality.

*Note: This part of the session is recorded and given to the client after the session is done.

3. Post - Hypnosis - (30 mins)

After a wonderful hypnosis session, I spend some time with the client to orient them back and answer any of the questions they might have after the session. Usually, most people tend to forget what happened during the session very soon. However, we go through the questions and briefly go through the answers that the client received in their session. Since the hypnosis part of the session is recorded, no information is lost.

Benefits of Quantum Hypnosis

  • Helps heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

  • Gives you answers to questions you have always wanted to ask about life, like why you are here, what is your purpose or why some things happened in your life, etc., and provides solutions.  

  • Provides an energy shift allowing you to heal the mind and body.

  • Shows you past lifetimes that may have information about people or places or situations you may be in, in the current lifetime

  • Contacting your Super Consciousness (Higher Self + Spirit Guides + Angels + Deities + Light Beings, etc.) gives you healing for your emotional and physical problems. May experience physical relief from/ get advice for the pain and other illnesses like back issues, eyesight problems, stomach issues, hypertension, arthritis, etc.

  • Continued healing every time you listen to the recording and much more. Shifts the energy within you, allowing you to become consciously more aware of who you truly are.

  • Helps you realize you are always being guided and loved unconditionally.

  • Find out what the purpose of your life is, and how you can make it better

This is a unique process that allows you to connect to your higher consciousness and experience energy healing at another level. After the session, if you like, we can spend some time discussing what you experienced.

*Important - Before the session please fill your Consent Form

If you have more questions about the Service, Bookings, Payments, Cancellations & Refunds, please refer to the FAQs section of this site.

Check out our FAQsTerms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

**Disclaimer - The practitioner is neither responsible nor liable if the client is unable to go into a hypnotic state.

This could happen if 
- the client is agitated/stressed/anxious before the session.
- the client has not followed the practitioner's pre-session instructions sent to them via email.
- the client has not followed the practitioner's explicit instructions during the session. 
- the client is unwilling to stay in the hypnotic state and chooses to come out voluntarily. 

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