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Jumping Break Dancer

Quantum Jumping is a highly advanced visualization technique created by Burt Goldman that allows you to vividly visualize meeting alternate versions of yourself in alternate universes – and using them to help engineer your ideal existence. 


It is a Technique created by Burt Goldman, after many years of research. It allows you to transform yourself into the best version of yourself. Imagine if you could be an artist or a world-class chef or a marathon runner. With this technique of Quantum Jumping, you can be all these things and much more.


Everything in life begins with a choice. If you can choose to be the best version of yourself so that you can achieve the success you are looking for, the financial stability, the vigour of good health, and doing all the things you love; wouldn't you choose it?


The simple meditation technique that I teach will allow you to get into a calmer and more peaceful state, allowing you to expand your consciousness in ways that may change your whole life.

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*Please note that if a minimum number of people do not sign up for the class then the class will not take place and you will be fully refunded.

**Disclaimer - These sessions are like meditations that aim at strengthening your visualization techniques to manifest the outcome you want. The more you practice these sessions, the more you benefit from them. There is sample audio of a Quantum Jump in the Free Resources section of this website. Do check it out.

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