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I have had many people ask me how they can receive messages from their own Higher Self or their Spiritual Guides. It is quite easy to do, however, it takes a lot of practice. This is a program for those of you who want to go deeper into exploring the spiritual side of life. We often do receive messages from our Higher Self, but we are also quick to dismiss them as fragments of our imagination.

The biggest problem in connecting to higher energies is our Conscious mind. Hence, the program also aims at teaching you to control or tame the conscious mind so that it does not interfere when you begin receiving messages. It also teaches you how you can differentiate between the Conscious Mind and your Higher Consciousness.

Once we learn to quieten our conscious mind, we can then access our Higher Consciousness. This is done through various techniques, including Automatic Writing, Trance Visualizations, Channelling, etc. Since it takes time to perfect these techniques the entire course is over 21 days. In these 21 days, you will learn to master receiving messages, guidance, insights, and more. 

The various techniques this program uses help in expanding your conscious awareness, sharpens your intuition; and makes you feel more connected to the Universe and your spiritual goals. For 21 days you will be given the support you need to practice and strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and maybe even to your Spirit Guides. You will also be provided with study material and a WhatsApp/Telegram group will be created for your support.​

If you have more questions about the Service, Bookings, Payments, Cancellations, please refer to the FAQs section of this site.


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*Please note that if a minimum number of people do not sign up for the class then the class will not take place and you will be fully refunded.

**Disclaimer - The instructions provided in these classes need to be followed to see results. Practice makes perfect!

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