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This is a journey to transcend these strong emotions of Fear, Anger, Sadness/Grief, Stress/Anxiety, etc. It is on the other side that we find our true selves. Each workshop specifically targets one such emotion and helps you dig deep into your physical body to bring it out to the surface and release it so that it no longer has the power to limit us in creating the most beautiful life that we can have.

This workshop is done in a healing circle format, where everyone present is going to help the others release their pent-up emotions. We come together in strength and love and tap into a deep-rooted emotion, where ever it may be in the body. We often forget that it is not only the mind that remembers, but the body does too. So it is not enough to just work on releasing or healing these toxic emotions from the body, but they also need to be released and healed from the body. One of the ways to do this is through Transcendental Journeying.

Through the Phoenix trance meditation technique given to me by my spirit guides, I take you into your bodies to search for the emotions that the Transcendental Journeying is focused on, and help you release them with strong visualization methods.

Then movement, much like a dance, allows the body to move in whichever way it wants to, to the rhythmic sounds of Shamanic drumming music. This allows the residual energies to come and be released physically. This is a beautiful experience, one that allows you to finally get in touch with your bodies. One that allows you to know yourself better. A technique that allows you to overcome your limitations and finally be free!

These are in-person group sessions that happen in different cities on different dates. To know when this event is happening in your city, go to the Upcoming Events Page.

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