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Access Bars

Access Consciousness was founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. In an Access Bars session, the practitioner gently touches the 32 energy points on the head, to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you, in various concerned areas of your life. 

It also releases years and lifetimes worth of negative baggage and opens up your consciousness. This is very effective on people suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, people who suffer from ADHD, Autism, ADD, etc. It also helps pregnant women have normal deliveries within 4hrs of labour if they have these sessions regularly during pregnancy. 


  • Helps you sleep better.

  • Helps with anxiety and depression.

  • Improves your health.

  • Aids in weight loss, relationships, finances, etc.

  • Helps recover faster from injuries or other pain-related issues.

  • Helps in easier and less painful natural deliveries.

  • Improves, focus and clarity of thought.

  • Creates awareness and expands your consciousness.

  • Helps relax and calm differently-abled people and children.

Each session is a minimum of one hour long and can go on for a longer time, depending on how long each Bar wants to run. You will also be given a few helpful clearing statements after each session to help you maximize the effects of an Access Bars session. The more you use them, the more helpful it will be in creating a better state of mind, body and life for yourself.


PACKAGES -  ADULT (15yrs & above):

1 session - Rs. 5000

3 sessions - Rs. 13,000

5 sessions - Rs. 22,000

PACKAGES -  Children (14yrs & below):

1 session - Rs. 3000

3 sessions - Rs. 7500

5 sessions - Rs. 13,000

If you have more questions about the Service, Bookings, Payments, Cancellations & Refunds, please refer to the FAQs section of this site.


Check out our FAQsTerms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

**Disclaimer - Access Bars needs to be done regularly to see tangible changes. Sometimes one session can change your life. Other times you may need few sessions. The practitioner's instructions need to be followed by the client to see the changes themselves. The practitioner cannot be held responsible if these instructions are not followed.

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