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Akashic Records
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If you have ever wondered how it would be to receive messages from your Higher Self and what it would advise you to do, then this is the class for you. In this class, you are taught how to call upon your Higher Self to gain guidance, advice and general messages to help you along with your life. You are taught how to differentiate between your conscious mind and your Higher Self. This is a beginners class that will lay the foundation for the 21-day programme that will teach you in-depth how to connect and receive messages from your Higher Self.

If you have more questions about the Service, Bookings, Payments, Cancellations, please refer to the FAQs section of this site.


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*Please note that if a minimum number of people do not sign up for the class then the class will not take place and you will be fully refunded.

**Disclaimer - The instructions provided in these classes need to be followed to see results. Practice makes perfect!

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