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Hello, I'm Teja!

"I have always dreamed of a world, where people were aware that they are beings made purely of unconditional love. There is so much love in all of us to give, that it can do so, we will be living in such peace and harmony. This dream has led me on a quest to explore the realms of the unknown and become aware of this beautiful being that I truly am. Some may even go as far as calling this a path to the supernatural. Yes! it is super-natural to be in a state of total bliss."

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Why Aakashic Cosmic Healing?

Aakashic is a term for ether or space. It is here, in this space, that the source of all energy exists. We are all made up of this energy, and use it regularly in our day-to-day lives. But what we do not realise is that this energy is so much more powerful than we can imagine. It can create entire Universes!


It is only now that we have begun to understand the fact, that we are not human beings, trying to have a spiritual awakening; but we are spiritually awakened energy beings, having a human experience. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We create our own lives, our destinies, our entire world. We have not yet reached a stage where we can fully comprehend the magnitude of this information. But when we do, we realise that the truth is, we are infinite beings capable of creating infinite possibilities.

​My journey is not yet complete. I am exploring this magical path of endless possibilities, and on the way, hoping to give you a helping hand in experiencing some of this magnificent energy that can change your entire world.

How can I help you?

I am a born psychic medium and an intuitive. I am also a certified Level 2 QHHT practitioner, by the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Academy, Hunstville, Arizona, USA. A certified Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, from the Quantum Healers Academy, Augusta, Kansas, USA. A certified Access Bars practitioner from Access Consciousness, Stafford, Texas, USA. An Akashic Records Guide, from the Akashic Records International, North Charleston, South Carolina, USA. I have also trained in Spirit Releasement Technique by Mark Beale and is certified in Soul Centered Healing Hypnosis by Laura Whitworth. Apart from these certifications,  studied NLP, EFT, Psychic Mediumship, Intuitive Energy Healing, Tarot, Runes, etc.

I have had the privilege to help thousands of people all around the world. It has given them a chance, to not only heal themselves from all of their issues but has also expanded their consciousness in ways that I cannot describe.


With this newfound awareness, many of us who have experienced first-hand what energy healing can do, have begun to live our lives with increased joy, happiness, vigour, love, and ease. ​I am here, waiting for an opportunity to show you how wonderful your life can be. There are no side effects from energy healing, so it’s safe to say that the worst you would feel is relaxed, like you got a massage. And the best? Well, it can change your entire world!

How does it get any better than this?


I'm always looking forward to connecting with anyone who wants to grow spiritually. Let's connect.


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