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Akashic Records are records of all living conscious beings in the entire Universe. These records exist in the 11th dimension. The Akashic Records itself is a living, fluid conscious energy field. The Record Keepers & Guides give access to everyone who would like to access their records for Soul Growth. Think of accessing the records as a fast track way of receiving direct answers to your many questions about life! The questions you always wanted answers to is now within your reach. There are many ways to access your records, however, the modality I use was taught to me by Maureen St. Germain.


Through an Akashic Records Reading, you can get information that may give you more clarity about your current situation or can be a guiding light shining on the multiple possibilities that you do not even know exist. The Record Keepers & Guides have nothing but love for each one of us and are ready to help us along the way to our soul expansion.

​This is one of the easiest ways for you to get answers to your questions. It benefits those who are looking for - 

  • Validations or Confirmations

  • Clarity of Direction

  • Purpose of Life

  • Advice or Guidance regarding Relationship, Work, Business, Legal Disputes, etc.

  • Spiritual Advice & Guidance 

  • Answers to an inexplicable incident that may have happened or reoccurring dreams that seem bizarre. 

  • Messages from Loved Ones who may have passed over.

  • Future Possibilities


I am an Akashic Records guide who can access the information you seek. 

  • It is a 45 mins session.

  • Maximum number of questions - 5


*Please keep your questions ready before the session starts. 

**If the client has any technical difficulties, like the zoom app not working, please note that the

   practitioner will not be extending the session beyond 45 mins. So make sure you are on time and that

   your Zoom app's video & audio are good to go.

***If you are late by 15 mins the session will be cancelled & the cancellation charges would apply. 

If you have more questions about the Service, Bookings, Payments, Cancellations &  Refunds, please refer to the FAQ section of this site.


Check out our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


*Please book your appointments in advance.

**Disclaimer - The information received is only for guidance. The practitioner is not liable for any timelines suggested by the Record Keepers & Guide is an approximation. If certain incidents are foretold, it is done so keeping your past/current choices in mind. The future is not set in stone and therefore subject to change. 

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